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    Welcome to the Astronomical Adaptive Optics forums!



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    Welcome to the Astronomical Adaptive Optics forums!

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:29 pm

    We work in a domain where exchange and collaboration is the rule rather than the exception.
    These forums will I hope provide yet another tool to exchange ideas, ask questions, propose and discuss concepts. Even though forums and wikis can now be found everywhere, surprisingly, none existed yet for AO. So here it is. Please enjoy and use without moderation.

    Note that the form of these forums is still in flux. I know there are a lot of categories and subcategories, but this is the essence of AO which touches so many different discipline. I am open to adding, regrouping, splitting categories and forums...

    Basically, these forums are expected to provide a place where people can:
    • exchange information
    • ask questions (newbies and less newbies)
    • propose new concepts, generate discussions
    • announce AO related events (conference, papers, website, jobs)

    Francois Rigaut, forum initiator and temporary administrator.

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